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What is Your Company Forest?

Your Company Forest is the only truly sustainable gift. It is not just a charitable donation but a whole gifting experience that is all about gifting good. It allows you to bring together and inspire a community of people around shared values.

Your Company Forest is an opportunity to join a partnership between Planet Promo, treebytree and Justdigit. Justdigit's amazing work aims to help cool the planet down by regreening parts of the world that have been left barren by over-exploitation. It is already making a huge impact with over 400,000  hectares restored or currently under restoration and over 14 million trees brought back to life! 

While Justdiggit organise the work on the ground, treebytree provide the technology that turns this into the only truly sustainable corporate gifting experience and Planet Promo is your point of contact in the UK. Companies in the UK, Netherlands and Germany are leading the way.


How does it work?

Having made a decision to invest in your own forest, it is up to you how to deploy it. Ideally you will involve all the stakeholders in your business to create a community of people, while sharing positive images of your own corporate social responsibility

You can gift trees one by one or all together and you can add to your forest over time. 

Each gift gives the recipient the opportunity to see the tree and its exact location, allows them give it a name (many people choose to name their tree/trees in memory or celebration of a loved one) and meet the local tree champion who will look after it for the next 20 years. Over the next 3 years they will also receive quarterly updates on the progress of their tree and the benefits it has brought.

Not only can each person see and appreciate the growth of your forest and the benefits it brings, but they become part of your community - a community made up of staff, suppliers, customers, family and friends. Just imagine a contact at a customer's business having a new baby. How much do you think they would appreciate receiving the gift of a tree to name after their new pride and joy!

What is more you will be able to place a widget on your website to show the progress of your forest, detailing the benefits it has brought. The more people you involve, the more powerful it becomes. What is more, your forest will inspire others to follow suit. One forest on its own is good, but when joined to others, whole landscapes are transformed, micro climates regenerated, life restored and the world cooled down just a fraction. 


Is this another tree planting scheme?

No! Tree planting schemes are not successful in many parts of the world, with perhaps only a 30% chance of success at best. Barren land retains neither water nor fertility, leaving the shallow roots of saplings vulnerable. Creatures, desperate for food, or drought will also destroy saplings. It needs something more.

Justdiggit's project brings once-felled trees back to life using a system of Kisiki Hai (literally 'living stump') with a success rate of over 90%. There are estimated to be some 1.5 billion such trees that can be revived and your forest will be part of Justdiggit's scheme. 

These trees are more resilient, as they have deep root systems, and grow and become productive more quickly. Local tree champions select shoots to become the future trunks and maintain these. Within just 4 years the re-emerging stems grow into strong and viable trees, as below.

Kisiki Hai is combined with water retention schemes - bunds and Fanya Juu (the digging of trenches that stop water running off, taking with it the most fertile soil). Whole areas are regreened in a matter of 2-3 years. The transformations can be dramatic.



Education is also vital. Justdiggit's regional and local tree champions work together to ensure communities understand and share the value of trees and protect and nurture them, taking only the resources each tree can sustainably provide. As landscapes regreen and more trees revive, the soil cools, crops thrive, wildlife returns, communities develop resilience and the risk of drought and displacement diminishes. By these tried and tested methods, the broken cycle of exploitation, deterioration and collapse is reversed.

How do I get involved?

Just contact us via the link at the bottom of the page and we will do the rest. You can start your forest from just 50 trees. 

But before you do, try the gifting experience by scanning the QR Code below.

Please note this is a demo only and the naming of the tree and registering an email will not do anything.
When sending a real gift, the experience will start with a personalised message to your contact (not available in the demo).

Want to know more?

We are happy to jump on a Zoom call. Email to request one.

Read about Justdiggit's impact here or see their full website.

Read about treebytree here.